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To synergize skills and expertise in providing products of the finest quality based on ethical business and safe working practices, and to retain a large client base serviced with our highest level of customer satisfaction.

We have plans to extend our services further to product development, designing, fashioning and also to move our products to the doorsteps of our customers.

We will pursue to find strategic partners with whom we can attain our strength to achieve the above goals.
This is the final stage of the vertical integration. Our clientele is our most valuable asset.Kirmani believe in satisfying our customers and building relationships with them.As an acceptance of our quality product, internationally renowned Fashion houses and brands are using our products for their made-ups.These include:T-shirts & Polo shirts, Tank tops, Pajamas, Sport wear, Mens & Ladies fashion wear, Denim skirts ,denim shorts ,denim trousers, leather clothing ,leather footwear ,leather accessories etc.

What started as a small operation by a visionary in 2006, is now one of the leading manufacturer of premium garments to top brands across the globe. We have a widespread market network structured with effective price policies, fast service & high customer satisfaction. We are able to maintain our high quality standards from clothing to leather finished garment.

Kirmani aim to be the best in our chosen area of expertise with the guiding vision and pioneering strategies, being ready to adapt advancing trends and processing techniques. Our commitment is deep-rooted to our brand building enterprise and towards fashion trends at home, in the region and worldwide.
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We continue to upgrade technologically to ensure higher productivity and quality, meeting the needs of fast changing and discerning markets. At this stage the quality control which is done at every stage, is given special care to ensure that the product is up to the standard.7 latest imported and computerized Inspection machines are used in the inspection process, where every single product produced is pre-checked, graded and then exported, as per international Quality Standards and American 4 Point system.
Stitching quality and productivity is maintained by well trained supervisors and monitored and analyzed by our in house industrial engineering department using the appropriate software applications.
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