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With a complete denim  in-house state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, Kirmani is geared up to grow faster and meet the challenges in the domestic and booming export markets.
Kirmani specialized in bottoms. Mainly 5 pocket’s/Cargo’s/Chino‘s in Denim, 100% Cotton Twills, Canvas, Ribstop Etc. and also shorts and skirts
Kirmani have setup 3 lines and are producing approximately around 3000 pcs weekly .The modern menswear industry seems a bit arbitrary with clothing companies deciding which colors and designs the customer can choose from.

At Kirmani jeans, we are trying to put “custom” back into customer.Each denim trousers with a pattern that is made only for you. It has your name written on it. It is made entirely by hand by our expert pattern masters.What someone wears is secondary to how the piece of apparel fits. Standardized sizes make it difficult however for casual wear to fit correctly. We have bypassed this by offering custom fitting and a home try-on program. This allows for the ability to make individual adjustments to our denim trousers ,shorts and ladies skirts .Generally we do not do a raw try on with this make, although we do fittings starting with a slip on fitting...each trim that goes into the garment is the best we try, the linings, the threads, the buttons are selected from the very best suppliers connected with us around the globe.
Check out some artisan jeans however, that are just that hand and machine made too, each one unique.  Luxury denim we produced and sale exclusively through high-end retailers such as Colette, Paris. Dutch brand Denham is one such label, with an extensive line of hand-constructed denim jeans bespoke trousers and skirts individually hand-sewn by Kirmani artisans as well, This is a place where denim finishing is considered an art, where the knowledge-base to perfectly deconstruct a pair of jeans is highly valued, not downgraded in a conveyor belt mentality of quantity versus quality.
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